Metal Refinishing & Metal Restoration

Architectural metal plays a more supporting role in your building’s appearance. Sometimes ornate, other times subtle, architectural metal has become a hallmark of quality and prestige with designers and builders over the past century.

While architectural metal is resilient, it’s also vulnerable to the damaging effects of our environment and daily use. Unfortunately, nature takes its toll on all metals; modern environmental hazards like air pollution and acid rain have created new challenges to maintaining metal surfaces. Left untreated, damaged and neglected metal is not only a major expense to treat and repair, but it can create tenant and public safety hazards as it weakens and becomes unstable.

Jeevan Industries has led the industry in researching and developing new and advanced maintenance procedures for all types of metal finishes: satin, mirror, oxidized, painted, and anodized. An initial assessment of the surface is crucial to determine the degree of degradation, best treatment method for the surface, and preventative measures to control further damage.

Our experience with metal is the reason Jeevan Industries has been selected to work on many of the most prestigious buildings in India. We have the know-how required to maintain an attractive finish to architectural metal surfaces while retaining their original beauty and tenant appeal.

Jeevan Industries' advantages:
  •    Cost-effective preventative maintenance programs that are custom-designed by the most experienced,
           knowledgeable representatives in the industry
  •    Sensitivity to fragile and irreplaceable architectural appointments
  •    Proper selection of protective coatings (i.e. low VOC coatings that are environmentally beneficial)
  •    Creative and appropriate selection of refinishing methods, specifications, and techniques
  •    Widest array of specialty refinishing products being used in the industry
  •    Field technician quality, efficiency, and safety standardization

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