Glass Restoration

Facade Glass Restoration

Facade Glass Restoration : Like all architectural materials, glass deteriorates over time. Damage from pollution (“acid rain”) is the most common cause of glass deterioration, followed by scratching that can occur through window washing.

Over time, a building façade loses its luster and the reflective beauty that makes architectural glass one of the most popular building materials today.

Put our glass experience to work for you

Jeevan Industries’s glass experts can help. Through investments in equipment, standards, training, relationships, and continued research, Jeevan Industries has made a commitment to glass restoration on an international level.

Jeevan Industries’s glass restoration division uses specialized equipment that runs the gamut of repair solutions: from polishing out minor surface defects to filling deep chips in the glass. Our insulated glass restoration system can remove up to 80% of the interior surface damage and stop any further degradation of the window glass surface

We strive to meet and exceed your expectations, and take great care to extend the life, increase the value, and enhance the beauty of your glass.

Benefits of façade restoration over replacement:

Replacement of installed flat glass is expensive, time consuming, and sometimes next to impossible, depending on location and customization of the glass. If you’re like most businesses and are watching expenses, glass façade restoration may be the answer. Jeevan Industries’s glass façade services:

  •    Provide a cost-savings of more than 80%, when compared with replacement
  •    Use a one-step process that is fast and effective
  •    Restore all types of glass by removing scratches, slag debris, water scale, acid etching, paint overspray, and other
          imperfections — without distortion
  •    Reduce costs associated with tenant, worker, or guest displacement
  •    Eliminate costs associated with ordering, shipping, and installing replacement glass
  •    Use biodegradable, environmentally safe polishing compounds
  •    Save the environment by keeping glass out of the landfills

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