Hoist on Hire

Contruction Hoist on Hire

Jeevan Industries provides hoist for passengers and materials have been used in all types of applications. The standard range of construction hoists offer the optimum transport solution for low rise, medium and high rise constructions of all types. Typical applications include new build construction, refurbishment, chimney/slipform, offshore and bridge construction.

We provide dtemporary rental hoists of all sizes and cpacities to clients for a variety of applications. We offer turnkey services for installation, dismantle, operator training, onsite standby technicians, and preventative maintenance. Our eperienced employees will visit your jobsite to discuss all your elevator options.

Rack and pinion hoists create a safer environment for workers who mut climb ladders or stairs with tools and materials to reach the work site. Our elevators conform to the ANSI A10.4 code and we have both single and dual car options available.

Available features include :

  •    Fully Asembled enclosed car
  •    Over speed safety governor
  •    Two vertically Bi-Parting Car Gates
  •    Control and Limit Switches
  •    Manual Hand lever control
  •    Base fence enclosure with landing gate
  •    Bass Power Disconnect
  •    Car & Counterweight Buffers
  •    Power cord & counterweight cables
  •    Power cord trailing wheel
  •    Interior car lighting

Many optional Features are available

  •    Landing Gates
  •    Base Landing Platform
  •    Eraction Cranes
  •    Hoist Operators
  •    Voice Communication
  •    Custom Door Locations
  •    Loading Docks
  •    Explosion Proof
  •    Self Erection
  •    Free Standing
  •    Custom Car Sizes

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