Building Maintenane Unit

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Building maintenance unit (BMU),called gondola in some places also is a kind of suspended access equipments intended to be permanently installed and dedicated to a specific building or structure for cleaning and maintaining windows or exterior walls for high building. Every building differs from each other in both shape and surface, so Building maintenance unit shall be designed and manufactured according to the specific situation of building.

BMU consists of a platform suspended from a suspension rig which is generally a trolley unit with hoist operating either on rails or on a suitable surface,e.g.concrete track Monorails with traversing trolleys or other suspension rigs,e.g. davits fixed to the building ,from which a platform may be suspended shall be considered as parts of a BMU.

According to the different power device, building maintenance unit is classified into climber type system and winch type system. The power device for the former is installed on the suspended platform, and that the later is powered by the winch device installed in trolley on the floor. Gondola of climber type system is classified into fixed inserting jib type and trolley walking type (single track, double-track, or trackless), and that gondola of winch type system has trolley walking type commonly.

We can design and manufacture building maintenance unit (BMU) according to your building structure and your detailed requirements, so that every corner of your building can be maintained to keep fresh forever.

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