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As a service company among service companies, Extra Clean is sternly dedicated to remain in the industry forefront, providing its customers with a consistent high level of service, with competitive pricing and total safety consciousness.

We will achieve this through our commitment to provide proper training of all employees that include jobsite safety; product usage, customer retention and general job instruction through continuing organized classroom study, along with ongoing job performance evaluation in the classroom and at the job-site.

Our mission has been, and will always be to “give the customer more then they expect”. Extra Clean will continue to earn customer loyalty and is committed to job-site safety; professionalism, and dependability.

This mission will be a daily benchmark and our determination to achieve these goals will only be exceeded, not by words, but by our actions. If for any reason our performance falls short of the customer’s expectations, we will, without hesitation, provide that customer with 100% satisfaction. Service is synonymous with customer satisfaction. This business attitude will always guarantee success. Complete customer satisfaction is a solid investment.

If for any reason our performance falls short of the customer’s expectations, we will, without hesitation, provide that customer with 100% satisfaction. Service is synonymous with customer satisfaction. This business attitude will always guarantee success.

We know you have choices when it comes to your service provider for window cleaning, pressure washing, construction cleaning and specialty cleaning services at your home or buildings you manage, therefore, we are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

This is guaranteed, renewed each and every day. We are not finished with a job until our customer is completely satisfied. This guaranteed does not have an “expiration date”. Our guarantee is a living document and therefore this document always conforms to each and every customers expectations.

At Jeevan Industries, when the job is completed, our commitment to the customer just begins!

The company safety and hazardous communication training program is designed to be implemented in both the ongoing safety classes as well as the workplace. This is a “living program”, that constantly changes to reflect new and better/enhanced safety methods. This safety program is reviewed by the Operations Managers, and in return, reviewed by the Crew Supervisors, who remain on the cutting edge of jobsite safety in the workplace.

It is important to remember to always THINK SAFETY. Extra Clean strictly adhere to all window cleaning industry safety standards, regulations, and guidelines, plus Jeevan Industries’s own safety guidelines. Further, as required, all crew personnel wear company hardhats, safety vests, as well as hard tipped work shoes, and safety goggles should the job be located at a new construction site.

All personnel, before hired, have their references checked, and are both interviewed and demonstrate their ability to perform their specific duties and responsibilities. Personnel are instructed in the use of products and cleaning equipment. MSDS sheets are explained and discussed. Further we have a zero tolerance drug policy and as such, we conduct random drug testing.

We perform safety sessions for experienced as well as entry level personnel. These sessions vary from a minimum of quarterly to six (6) times a year. In addition to safety issues, these sessions teach correct product use, and review new products available. The Operations Manager reviews all product MSDS (as mentioned above) and product information sheets in order to be aware of the safe usage of each product, and to be aware of the products’ health hazards; required protection; special handling, and general requirements.

General High-rise safety review

The following listing outlines general high-rise safety guidelines to be reviewed with all crew Supervisors and crew members

  •    Safe primary and secondary roof tie off anchor points
  •    Proper procedure/location to “suit up” in fall protection equipment
  •    Roof with and without parapet walls
  •    Uniform, and use of safety goggles
  •    Jobs to be performed on single Rope Descent Systems (RDS) and on rolling or power scaffolding
  •    Use of various types of descent cylinder devices
  •    General condition of roof/weight factors
  •    Descent methods (steady and free-fall)
  •    Buddy rescue systems (not less than two persons when doing high-rise work)
  •    Single person rescue (Use of an ascender and 1/2″ or 7/16″ rope lines)
  •    Use of safety gloves
  •    Evaluate use of transportable equipment (counterweights)

Safety Violation/ Recommendation Program

The Operations Managers randomly visits all job sites and checks the performance of crew Supervisors and crew members. Should any Division’s crew Supervisor or member be observed in violation of any safety procedures, that individual will be required to attend a special safety review class and may be subject to a fine for repeat violations.

Additionally, the Operations Manager identifies and rewards any company individual who suggests new safety method(s), or whose Supervisor confirms that an individual constantly follows all safely requirements. The company policy achieves a dual purpose, i.e. the field personnel do not just think of safety requirements in negative terms, but rather safety performance is rewarded—this is positive. It is important to have all field personnel continually thinking of SAFETY in the workplace.

Construction Cleaning and Specialty Cleaning Division Specific Training

Crew members are instructed that at the job site, they must wear, as required, hardhats, safety glasses, safety vests, and hard-tipped shoes. All personnel are taught about the chain of command, including one-on-one communication with fellow workers and other customer and subcontractor employees. Special emphasis is given to instructing all personnel in being aware of any potential safety hazard either in their immediate working area, or something observed outside their immediate working area. In either case, the personnel are explained that they may be exposing themselves to a hazardous situation, and that they must immediately report any noted incident to their supervisor. Another specific area of safety training includes product dilution and mixing of one product with another. The personnel are made aware of either dangerous chemical reactions, or the results of improperly diluted products.

India's Leading Leading Company In Glass Wall & Facade Cleaning Systems

Size matters when it comes to support. In the last 10 years, Jeevan Industries has grown to be one of the leading companies in the INDIA. Which means we have the resources, infrastructure, facilities and staff to provide the support you expect, during the project and throughout the lifetime of the building.

A Preferred Choice

So why are more and more fabricators, architects and contractors choosing Jeevan Industries, For some it’s our customer service – we really do go the extra mile. For others it’s the range of products, coatings and glazing units on offer, plus the facility for bespoke solutions. For many it’s the certainty of supply and delivery that comes from providing the complete package. But most of all it’s because of the way that we do business, building strong relationships, remaining flexible, finding practical solutions, caring for our environment and helping our customers to grow with us.

At Jeevan Industries, when the job is completed, our commitment to the customer just begins!

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