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Jeevan Industries is a
height access company for
facade cleaning and maintenance.

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Facade Cleaning & Restoration,
Access Equipment Variance

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Facade Cleaning & Restoration,
Access Equipment Variance

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Facade Cleaning & Restoration,
Access Equipment Variance

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Our Safety Products

Facade maintenance

India's one of the Largest Highrise Access Company offering facade cleaning, maintenance and provide other access equipment to the buildings

Safety Shoes

Jeevan Safety Footwear encompasses a wide range of products that are manufactured and certified to the highest standards.


a comprehensive range of Full Body Harnesses to suit a vast range of applications and situations. Equipped with the finest ergonomics and technically sound features

Safety Helmet

Vast range of Safety Helmets the combination of exceptional comfort, simple integration of personal protective equipment and modern stylish design

Access Equipments We offers a wide variety of suspended access equipment, including: suspended platforms, aerial work platforms, hydraulic work platforms, climbing scaffolding, mast climbing work platforms, and much more.

  • N95 Mask Making Machine

    The face mask machine will finish all the processing from the feeding to nose-clip fixing, edge sealing, cutting the finished products automatically.

  • Building Maintenance Unit

    A Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) is a form of suspended access equipment intended to be permanently installed and dedicated to a specific building or structure.

  • Cradle

    A Kind of Temporarily installed cradle is a lightweight rigid steel made object capable of carrying persons into a certain height so as to facilitate the aerial work

  • Mast Climbing Platform

    Mast climbing Platform provides,efficient distribution & temporary access for personnel, goods & materials to their exact position of work on projects.

  • Scaffolding

    Jeevan Industries, a professional organisation has been fully oriented to cater to the needs of all Civil Engineering Organisations using all types of Scaffolding.

  • Hoist

    A hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain wraps. The load is attached to the hoist by means of a lifting hook.

  • Tracks

    The track system can be executed as a freely laid track system. The freely laid track system avoids penetration into the roof membrane with only pressure load at the support points.

  • Harness

    Fall arrest harness is compatible for connection to a fall arrest system with its sternal and dorsal attachment points. The upper and lower straps are different colors to facilitate donning the harness correctly.

Get affordable Access Equipments on Hire Here’s the best part of our impressive services

Mast Climbing Platform
Cherry Picker | Material Lifting Machine

Videos Rescue & Access Equipments

We ProvideServices &
Equipments on Hire

Easy-to-customize and fully featured design

  • Building Maintenance Unit
  • Gondola | TSP | Cradle on Hire
  • Scaffolding on Hire
  • Aluminium Tracks
  • Material Lifting Machine
  • Fire rescue devices
  • Cooling Tower Access Systems
  • Glass Facade Cleaning
  • Water Jet Pressure cleaning
  • Glass restoration
  • Banner Installation
  • Painting work
  • Glass | ACP fabrication work
  • Construction cleaning

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